Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

Our Commitment to esg

Meadow Partners relies upon its deep experience to identify and incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives while executing business plans. Sustainability initiatives are strategically examined for each investment to determine opportunities that have the most positive impact on the health and well-being of our building occupants and the broader environment while providing cost-effective space solutions to our tenants and superior long-term value to our investors.

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Closed Private Equity Vehicles
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Core Principles

Protecting our investors’ wealth; honesty and integrity in our dealings, transparency to our investors and partners, and a sense of commitment to the people and communities in which we invest.



Auerbach Funds is a privately held real estate investment firm that seeks to provide investors with consistent risk adjusted returns. We follow an opportunistic strategy that invests in distressed, deep value-add investments in both primary and secondary markets throughout the United States.
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Operating Partners

Auerbach Funds operating investment structure, direct expertise and readily available capital provides a substantial advantage on the ability to “win” transactions. Sponsors appreciate our transactional and management experience, which has lead us to be a trusted and sought after partner.



Fund I and Fund II holdings represent over $273.7 million of total property value at initial capitalization; over 3.3 million square feet of rentable space; over 2,400 residential units across 8 states. Auerbach Funds invests in assets across markets that have high population growth, infrastructure spending, pricing disparity, growth at much faster rates than core markets in terms of population, infrastructure spending, and job creation.


corporate responsibility

We advocate for Principles for Responsible Investment

The six Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) offer a menu of possible actions for incorporating ESG issues into investment practice. The Principles were developed by investors, for investors. In implementing them, we contribute to developing a more sustainable global financial system.
As a PRI signatory since 2022, Meadow Partners has committed to the annual effort of upholding all six PRI principles.


We are a responsible steward of resources

Meadow Partners is committed to complying with or exceeding requirements of all applicable environmental regulations, reducing the environmental impacts of development and operations, minimizing climate change impact and being a responsible steward of resources.

  • Repurpose obsolete and under-utilized properties to bring positive environmental and social impacts at the local level
  • Identify and incorporate sustainable building initiatives in each property’s business plan, improving energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, health and wellbeing (i.e., solar paneling, insulation, triple-glazed windows, efficient boilers, living walls, bicycle rooms and shower facilities, etc.)
  • Target properties immediately adjacent to mass transportation nodes
culture & values

We prioritize positive social impact

Meadow Partners is committed to providing safe, healthy and productive environments for our employees and tenants. As a company, we embrace diversity and inclusion as essential components of achieving the highest long-term economic performance and we work with our supply chain to ensure that our values and expectations are upheld.

  • The financial appraisals of all our projects are reviewed to incorporate resilience metrics and social value creation
  • Deliver much needed housing (both affordable and market-rate) to the U.K. market, which is experiencing chronic undersupply
  • Provide safe, healthy and productive environments for our employees and tenants
  • Embrace diversity and inclusion as essential components of achieving performance – women and minorities represent 36% of the Meadow team

We promote sound and effective governance

Meadow Partners is committed to best-in-class policies to ensure we are an inclusive, safe and diverse place to work. Meadow complies with or exceeds requirements of all applicable regulations and acts as a responsible member of the communities in which we operate. As employees and as a company, we act ethically and responsibly.

  • As a fiduciary manager, we implement effective corporate governance and sustainable business practices that result in superior and long-term value creation for our investors
  • Meadow Partners has established an ESG committee, dedicated to reviewing existing practices and developing initiatives to enhance ESG incorporation across the firm and the funds
  • 81% of employees who have worked at Meadow Partners for at least three years participate in carried interest and invest personal capital in our funds