Investment Approach

investment approach

Narrow Market Focus

  • At our founding, we studied our track record in the 20 major markets where we had significant expertise
  • We chose to build our business with a narrow focus on only these 4 markets
  • Deep, highly liquid and durable through cycles
  • Less volatile during downturns and recover more quickly
  • Outperform in rising markets
  • Offering more upside with less downside
  • Result: better risk-adjusted returns over time

New York City

Washington, D.C.



investment approach

How We Succeed

Proactive Sourcing

Proactive Sourcing

  • Granular approach of proactively targeting individual assets, owners and lenders to create attractive investment opportunities rather than reacting to those widely marketed 
  • Thematic investing – identify themes with strong fundamentals and indisputable growth opportunities
  • Investments generally combine distress and/or a unique “story” with value creation opportunities at the property level 
  • Create opportunities from complex situations 
Highly Liquid Markets

Highly Liquid Markets

  • Focus on highly liquid markets as the cornerstone of the investment program – more durable through cycles
  • Secondary and tertiary markets are more susceptible to financing and sale risk
  • Local market expertise and strong relationships enable Meadow Partners to thrive in highly competitive environments
  • Narrow focus creates significant proprietary deal flow and large number of follow-on investment opportunities; also provides a vast local market knowledge base and better information
Middle Market Transaction Size

Middle Market Transaction Size

  • $40 million to $200 million total property capitalization
  • Segment of the market with greater transaction volume and less competition
  • Represents the majority of real estate inventory in each market, leading to the deepest pool of target investment opportunities
  • Focus on investments that are smaller than those targeted by most institutional funds, yet too large for local developers
Active Asset Management

Active Asset Management

  • In-house real estate talent enables investing with or without operating partners
  • Construction expertise facilitates due diligence accuracy, speed, and more detailed business plans
  • Private equity mentality – properties require a combination of improved management, discrete business and capital plans, and institutional positioning
  • Strong track record of property repositioning
Investment approach

Why New York City and London?

  • NYC and London are two of the top five economic metropolitan statistical areas in the world attracting high quality, creditworthy international tenants, and a large amount of global investment capital, thereby offering unmatched liquidity and opportunity
  • The “best and the brightest” gravitate to NYC and London – they share many unique attributes as gateway cities
  • Above-average job growth experienced in both NYC and London over the past several years has exacerbated a long-term supply/demand imbalance in the local residential markets
  • Breadth and depth (and age) of real estate markets creates attractive investment opportunities
  • Meadow Partners has significant experience, a long-standing local presence, a large portfolio of properties, an extensive network of relationships, and a wealth of intelligence in each market