Meadow Partners is a vertically integrated private real estate investment firm based in New York City and London that manages a series of closed-end funds, an open-end evergreen fund, as well as separate accounts on behalf of institutional investors. The firm specializes in middle-market transactions in all sectors and across the risk spectrum.

With decades of investment experience behind him, founder Jeff Kaplan has watched the commercial real estate industry evolve from a local, entrepreneurial business to one of the largest asset classes in institutional investment management.  When he and partners Tim Yantz, based in New York City, and Andrew McDaniel, based in London, set out to build a new investment firm in 2009, they were able to take their best ideas over multiple cycles and create a focused and consistent investment process that serves as the backbone of Meadow Partners.

Together the partners have been responsible for the acquisition and ongoing asset management of over $30 billion of real estate assets located in the United States, Europe, and Asia through over 300 separate transactions

Since inception, Meadow Partners has invested over $2.5 billion of equity and has acquired more than $8.2 billion of real estate assets in its target markets of New York City, Washington, D.C., London, and Paris.

Meadow Capital Management LLC is registered with the SEC as a Registered Investment Adviser.

“At our 10-year anniversary, I reflected back ‘Have we achieved what we set out to achieve?’ Having this narrow market focus allows us to go a mile deep. Understanding the nuances of each micro-market is key – from special zoning overlays to tenant preferences in an ever-evolving environment – our depth has helped us avoid pitfalls as well as create opportunities.”


Meadow Partners specializes in middle-market transactions in a few of the largest real estate markets in the world. The deal size is less competitive and creates a large investment universe.

Meadow Partners adheres to the following set of guiding investment principles:

  • Concentrate on a limited number of markets and properties
  • Proactive transaction origination
  • Focus on high quality, well-located properties in supply constrained markets
  • Rigorous and conservative underwriting, with a focus on downside protection and long-term capital preservation
  • Analytical approach with an emphasis on intrinsic value and return on investment
  • Never invest in undefined business plans
  • Prudent capital structures (with appropriate hedging strategies) capable of withstanding market fluctuations
  • Granular, hands-on approach to value creation

“Our granular business plans from the outset allow us to maximize value in a repositioning without over-improving the asset for the micro location. The best way to underwrite a new investment is based on our own experience with nearby assets we own or have owned in the past.”


Meadow Partners manages a series of closed-end real estate investment funds and separate accounts on behalf of institutional clients.

Since inception, Meadow Partners has invested over $2.5 billion of equity for its investment strategies and has acquired more than $8.2 billion of real estate assets in its target markets of New York City, London, Washington, D.C., and Paris.

Meadow Partners is currently investing Meadow Real Estate Fund V LP, Meadow Recovery Fund LP, Meadow Evergreen LP, and Gotham Office Realty Partnership.

Meadow Residential was formed in 2015 in joint venture with an experienced team of London residential development professionals to provide in-house execution of our residential business plans, including an in-house multi-family leasing and management team.



Celes Real Estate was established in December 2018 by Didier Colin, previously a Principal of Meadow Partners, and is focused on investments in Paris.