Narrow Market Focus

New York City
Washington, D.C.
  • At our founding, we studied our track record in the 20 major markets where we had significant expertise
  • We chose to build our business with a narrow focus on only these 4 markets
  • Deep, highly liquid and durable through cycles
  • Less volatile during downturns and recover more quickly
  • Outperform in rising markets
  • Offering more upside with less downside
  • Result: better risk-adjusted returns over time


Our target markets share these common attributes:

  • Global economic centers with diverse employment bases that continue to attract jobs, thereby experiencing above-average population growth
  • Long-term GDP growth that significantly outpaces other cities
  • Characteristics include: national capitals (3), tourism meccas (4), financial centers (3)
  • Significant volume of international capital seeking real estate investments in these markets, resulting in unsurpassed liquidity
  • Diverse population of real estate owners creates opportunities to buy, “institutionalize” and/or reposition, and then sell to someone with a lower cost of capital
  • Wide range of building stock across size, age, quality, ownership structure, and use facilitates a deep pipeline across cycles

"As a former investor with Meadow Partners prior to joining them, I was very comfortable with the down-side orientation of their approach.”

- Alison Garcia, Principal

Focused Investment Strategy

Seek high quality, well-located properties and identify opportunities to add value at the property level

Granular sourcing approach of proactively targeting individual assets to create attractive investment opportunities rather than reacting to those widely marketed

"Value is created in the details at the individual asset the proper structuring of acquisitions, overseeing small details in the re-positioning and asset management, and ultimately in executing the disposition. Meadow's executive team is involved hands-on at each stage of every investment."

- Andrew McDaniel, Partner

Discipline & Consistency

Given the cyclical nature of real estate, adherence to the investment thesis without strategy drift is critical to the long-term performance of the Meadow Funds. It is our belief that investment managers are responsible and accountable for delivering returns consistent with their mandate and that the best avenue for consistent performance is to do a few things very well, remain patient, and repeat.

We pride ourselves in our consistency in strategy and focus, which has been defined and refined over decades of experience and has resulted in outperforming our return objectives over multiple investment cycles.

“The opportunity to transform a building or space that has been starved for capital excites us. We always have a very defined business plan in place from the outset. It is both an art and a skill to determine the appropriate amount of capital to invest repositioning an asset. We are laser-focused on return on investment for every dollar. Our top priority is delivering superior investment performance to our investors."

- Jeff Kaplan, Partner

Active Management

  • In-house expertise to execute business plans directly
  • Hands-on, aggressive approach to value creation

"Vertical integration allows us to invest with or without an operating partner. In all cases though, the Meadow team is deep in the details. Our in-house development and construction expertise in both New York City and London improves our accuracy on the front-end during diligence as well as through execution."