Meadow Partners adheres to the following set of guiding investment principles:

  • Proactive transaction origination through extensive proprietary relationship networks
  • Focus on high quality, well-located properties in supply constrained markets
  • Invest only in core property types and markets where the firm’s principals have significant prior experience
  • Analytical approach with an emphasis on intrinsic value and property replacement cost
  • Align fund size to be commensurate with the investing opportunity
  • Invest in interesting “stories” and not just market timing opportunities
  • Never invest in undefined business plans
  • Rigorous and conservative underwriting, with a focus on downside protection and long-term capital preservation
  • Creation of prudent capital structures (with appropriate hedging strategies) capable of withstanding market fluctuations
  • Portfolio diversity by geography and property type and limitation of exposure to any single investment
  • Pursuit of entrepreneurial asset management strategies and a detailed, hands-on approach to value creation
  • Expected hold periods and exit assumptions that are commensurate with asset type, quality and historical trends